Namespace: DuFolder


Folder related methods



The folder where DuESF stores its data, which is adapted depending on the script using the framework a "DuESF.companyName/AdobeScripts/DuESF.scriptName" subfolder of DuFolder.userData


The default user data folder.
Replaces the Folder.userData provided by ESTK which does not work properly with mac network sessions.
In windows, the value of %APPDATA% ("C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data")
In Mac OS, "~/Library/Application Support"


staticDuFolder.getFiles(folder, filter){Array}

D:/DEV_SRC/RxOT/DuPSF/tools/output/DuPSF.jsxinc, line 5239
Recursively gets all files in a folder using a name filter Returns an array of File objects.
Name Type Default Description
folder Folder The Folder
filter string | function "*" optional A search mask for file names, specified as a string or a function. A mask string can contain question mark (?) and asterisk (*) wild cards. Default is "*", which matches all file names. Can also be the name of a function that takes a File or Folder object as its argument. It is called for each file or folder found in the search; if it returns true, the object is added to the return array.
Type Description
Array The files found.


D:/DEV_SRC/RxOT/DuPSF/tools/output/DuPSF.jsxinc, line 5214
Recursively remove all content from folder and the folder itself. Warning, this does not move files to the recycle bin and can not be undone.
Name Type Description
folder string | Folder the path or Folder object to wipe.