Class: DuTabPanel


For use with DuScriptUI.
A Panel with tabs.
This is not a real class, and cannot be instanciated.
Use DuScriptUI.tabPanel to create a picker.
The DuTabPanel inherits the Group object from ScriptUI and has all of its properties and methods.

new DuTabPanel()

D:/DEV_SRC/RxOT/DuPSF/tools/output/DuPSF.jsxinc, line 11412
Name Type Description
buttons Array.<DuButton> The buttons for the tabs. Not that an "index" property is added to the button, containing the DuTab index.
tabs Array.<DuTab> The tabs.
index int The currently visible tab.
buttonsGroup Group The ScriptUI Group containing the buttons
mainGroup Group The ScriptUI Group containing the tabs
scriptUIPanel string The file name ("script.jsx") of a scriptUI Panel. Alt+Click on this tab will open/close this panel.
onChange DuTabPanel~onChange Called when the index changes.


staticDuTabPanel.addTab(text, image, helpTip, imageOver){DuTab}

D:/DEV_SRC/RxOT/DuPSF/tools/output/DuPSF.jsxinc, line 11429
Adds a new empty DuTab in the DuTabPanel.
Name Type Default Description
text string '' optional The label of the button.
image string '' optional The path to the icon.
helpTip string '' optional The helptip.
imageOver string image optional The path to an icon displayed when the mouse is over the button.
Type Description
DuTab The new DuTab.


D:/DEV_SRC/RxOT/DuPSF/tools/output/DuPSF.jsxinc, line 11441
Sets the current visible tab.
Name Type Default Description
index int 0 optional The index of the tab to show.

Type Definitions


D:/DEV_SRC/RxOT/DuPSF/tools/output/DuPSF.jsxinc, line 11449
Called when the index changes.